Fred Eversley

September 08, 2017
The Virginia Gazette, Muscarelle Sculpture exhibit celebrates light, space by Seth Birkenmeyer read

September 06, 2017
The Virginia Gazette, FRED EVERSLEY 50 Years an Artist Light / space / Energy Open at the Mucarelle Museum by 
betsymoss, Community Contributor read

September 04, 2017
ArtDaily Newsletter, Muscarelle Museum of Art hosts comprehensive survey of renowned sculptor read

August, 2017
C Magazine, of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, V.6, No. 2 Harmonic Convergence: An Interview (and more) with Fred Eversley, by Linda DeBerry read

July/August 2017
Sculpture Magazine, Waltham, Massachusetts: Fred Eversley - Rose Art Museum, by Marty Carlock read 

June 01, 2017
Art in America, Review of 'Black, White Grey' at Rose Museum, Fred Eversley, by Kirsten Swenson read

March 28, 2017
Bomb Magazine, Fred Eversley’s Black, White, Grey Cosmic Objects, by Claire Barliant, read

March 08, 2017
The Boston Globe, Art Review: 'At the Rose, oracular sleekness and a very different Sahara' , by Cate McQuaid read

March 08, 2017
The ARTery, 'How Fred Eversley Went From NASA Engineer to Cosmic Artist In ‘60s LA', by Greg Cook read

February 23, 2017
Crystal Bridges Museum of American art Blog: Black History Month: Fred Eversley, by Linda DeBerry read

February 24, 2014
ARTnews, "When Is an Artwork Finished?", by Ann Landi read

October, 2013
National Geographic Traveler, 'Best of the World': Crystal Bridges, Red Lens by Fred Eversley

February 26, 2013
Art History Ramblings, The Elegant Work of Fred Eversley, view

February 17, 2013
Culture Shock Art, Black History Month Art #8: Fred Eversley, by cultureshockart, view

February 15, 2013
Blouin Artinfo, “10 Outstanding Attractions From This Weekend's Palm Springs Fine Art Fair” by Shana Nys Dambrot

December 2012
Artforum, Critics Picks, “For the Martian Chronicles” L&M Arts, Los Angeles CA

December 2012
Artnews, "Review:Fred Eversley – David Richard Gallery", by Ann Landi

December 21, 2012
HuffingtonPost, “Review:Now Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960-1980” by Isaiah Mattew Wooden

December 18, 2013
Musicology, Special to MusiQology: Ken Johnson and “Now Dig This!”, view

December,11, 2012
Gallersist NY, “Now Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960-1980 at MOMA PS1”, by Maika Pollack

November 29, 2012
Los Angeles Times, Review: “For the Martian Chronicles” salutes Bradbury at L&M Arts, by David Pagel

November 2012
Soho Life, “ Lens Master- Sculptor Fred Eversley Creates Geometric Wonders”, by Marilyn Holstein

November 15, 2012
LAWEEKLY, “Themed Art Exhibit Opens in a Gallery Located Where the Sci-Fi Master Once Lived”, by Catherine Wagey & Rar Bradbury

August 2, 2012
Eye Level, Smithsonian American Art Museum, ”Conservation: Treating Frederick Eversley's Sculpture” view

July1, 2012
The Kansas City Star, Nelson-Atkins adds works to Bloch Building, Two new vibrant op art pieces join third already on display

May 14, 2012
Blouin Artinfo, ” Lancaster MOAH Debuts New Building”, view

January 20, 2012
Artweek.LA, Top 10 Art Shows of 2011, by Tracey Harnish

November 13, 2011
NWAonline, "Families find museum has art that appeals to all", Crystal Bridges, view

November 12, 2011, "Public gets first look at Wal-Mart heiress' new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art", view

November 12, 2011
Washington Post, “Alice Walton’s Crystal Bridges American Museum of Art, (Fred's sculpture image 2 & 11), view

November 10, 2011
The Wichita Eagle., photogallery (pic 12 of 22)

November 8, 2011
Artinfo, "Alice Walton goes Pacific Standard Time", view

November 8, 2011
Rocky Mountain Outlook, Associated Press Image of Sculpture and Architect Moshe Safdie, view 

November 8, 2011
Brandon Sun, Associated Press Image of Sculpture and Architect Moshe Safdie

November 8, 2011
Enterprise, Associated Press Image of Sculpture and Architect Moshe Safdie

November 6, 2011
CBS News Sunday Morning,Crystal Bridges American Museum of Art, view

November 5, 2011
Evil, Art and Black Los Angeles: 1960-1980, Now Dig This, view

October 28 2011
ArtCritical, ”No Choice But To Trust The Senses: California Light and Space Revisited”, by Joan Boykoff Baron and Reuben M. Baron, view

October 18, 2011
Daily Trojan, Exhibition questions society, Now Dig This, by Genevieve Geoghan, view

October 18, 2011
Huffington Post, "Fred Eversley at William Turner Gallery", by Tracey Harnish, view

October 15, 2011
PAIDEIA Blog: "Kinetic Visions through a Rainbow Lens", view

October 13 2011
The New York Times, The Arts, ‘Los Angeles Stakes Its Claim as a World Art Center, by Adam Nagourney, view

October 13, 2011 “Los Angeles Stakes Its Claim as a World Art Center“, Photo: Axel Koester for the New York Times

October 9, 2011
ARTE, Fred Eversley – Love. Light. Energy, Papillion Institute of Arts, LA, view

October 7, 2011

October 4, 2011
Daylife, photo from Reuters Pictures: In an optical illusion Red Concave Circle by De Wain Valentine (R) is seen twice through "Untitled" by Frederick Eversley at the "Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980" exhibition at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California, view

October 4, 2011
IBTimes; "Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980" exhibition at the Getty Center, view

October 3, 2011, The Hammer Museum presents "Now Dig This!" Art and Black Los Angeles 1960-1980, view

October 2011
the Art Scene, artist profile, Vol 31, No. 2 

September 19, 2011
Huffington Post, Bill Bush; The Haze of Memory: This Artweek.LA (September 19-26), view

September 14, 2011
Artweek.LA,”Fred Eversley: Four Decades 1970-2010”, Pacific Standard Time, view

September 14, 2011
Venice Magazine, interview  by William Turner, “Frederick Eversley Plastic Fantastic”, view

Pacific Standard Time at the Getty Center "Artist Profile", view

Pacific Standard Time at The Getty "Explore the Era John Altoon and Frederick Eversley Studio", view

September, 2011
the Art LTD, "artist profile", view

IRAAA, Vol.23 No3, “Frederick Eversley-Art, Energy and Invention, Hampton VA, by Wayne Dawkin

Dustymothmusic (blog) Unitled Black, Palm Springs Art Museum, by Matthew Lord

Dart International, Toronto, Canada, “Gulf Art Fair In Dubai-Glittering Possibilities”  by Janet Bellotto

May 14, 2006
New Indian Express, Madras, India, “Master Of Aesthetic Energy” by Yusuf Arakkal

April 7, 2006
The New York Times, “Energy And Abstraction At The Studio Museum In Harlem” New York, by Holland Cotter

December 6, 2005
La Nazione,  Florence, Italy, “Pittura e Scultura Sorprendono alla Biennale” by Giovanni Faccenda

November 15, 2005
The Washington Times, Washington DC, “ Top Picks” by Jonna Shaw-Eagle

November 2005
The Essential/Washington, Washington DC,  “Art By Appointment” by Jean Lawlor Cohen

July 3, 2005
The Washington Post, Washington DC,  “A Dentist Who Put Teeth in AU’s Artistic Ambition”, by JoAnn Lewis

July 3, 2005
The Washington Post, Washington DC, “America’s Artsy-Curvy Turn, by Benjamin Forgey

May 16, 2005
Art at The Katzen, "Touchdown!", by Jack Rasmussen, view

June 18 2004
Cultura, Madrid, “Monocromas: La Expresion Mas Radical Del Atre”, by Miguel Angle Blanco

June 17 2004
El Cultural, Madrid, “Desde El Silencio De La Pintura”,  by Mariano Navarro

June 16, 2004
La Cultura, Madrid, “El Arte De Un Solo Color Se Instala En El Museo Renia Sofia a Traves de 78 Artistas”

June 15, 2004
IL Mattino-Online, “Blanco Su Blanco-Artisti In Mostra Per Un Solo Colore”, by Paola Del Vecchio

June 2004
Descubrir El Arte, Spain, Ano VI, No. 64 , “Monocromos – El Color Del Silencio”, by Guillermo Solana

December 6, 2003
La Nazione, Italy, “L’arte contemporanea “invade” la Fortezza” by Raffaella Marcucci

December, 2003
Art Bruxelles, Brussels, Belguim, “Galerie Capa Esculturas”

December 2003
Artenews, Brussels, Belguim, “Fred Eversley: Sculptures Optiques”

December 2003
Agenda Expo/Art Expo, “Sculptor in Light”, by Yves De Vresse

December 2003
Ecos, Spain,“Capa Esculturas acoge la obra de Fred Eversley”,  by Luis Gomez

November 2003
Mono Magazine, Tokyo, Japan, “Fred Eversley”, by Mika Watabe

March 2002
Art and Antiques, “And the Winner is…” by John Spike

January 2, 2002
NY Arts, “American Artists in Italy. The 2001 Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy”, by Rachel Vancelette

December 16, 2001
Il Giornale Della Toscana, “La Biennale D’Arte Ecco Tutti I Premi”, by Giulio Braccini

July 29-30, 2000
The Chautauquan Daily, “Sculptor Eversley”, by Jessica Keltz

June 30, 2000
Zuritipp, Zurich, CH, ”Weiss aufGrun”, by Von Martin Kraft

December 1999 - January 2000
Arte In, Venezia, IT, anno XII, num. 64, “C’È ma non si vede”, by Barbara Rose

June 27, 1997
The Washington Post, “Conversation Pieces-When Art Goes Public”, by Richard Leiby

May 20, 1996
The Outlook, “On The Trail of Art Walk”, by Nick Madigan

May 20, 1993
Los Angeles Times, “Mature Styles: The Veterans of In Context”, by William Wilson

March 19,1989
The New York Times, “Art; Black Artist, Past and Present”, by Vivien Raynor

October, 1988
European Travel & Life, ”The Battle for the Baron’s Bounty, by Nancy Holmes

May 24, 1987
Los Angeles Times, Sunday Magazine, “Behind Studio Doors”, by Susan Price

October 4-10, 1985
L. A. Weekly, “Pick of The Week”, by Joan Hugo

October 2, 1985
Los Angeles Times, “Eversley Revives The Finish Fetish Mode”, by Kristine McKenna

May, 1985
Designers West, ”Establishing LastingImpressions”

May, 1985
PDQ Design South, ”Penny Sugarman & Holmes Newman”

February 10, 1984
The Miami Herald, “Celebrating Works of Black Artists”, by Helen L. Kohn

February 10, 1984
The Miami News, “Enjoy Two Vital Views”, by Leslie Judd Ahlander

October, 1983
Ebonny Jr! ”From the Eyes of Two Artists” (Adrienne W. Hoard & Frederick Eversley) by Mary C. Lewis, view

January, 1983
New Art Examiner, Chicago, IL, “Forgotten Dimension”, by Gisele Atterbeny

March 13-14, 1982
The Evening Outlook, “Toys Just Waiting to be Discovered”, by Toni Weingarten

Summer Quarter, Vol. 5, No. 2, “Interview Frederick Eversley,” Ocular, by Peggy Loar

December 8, 1978
The Washington Post, “The Space Museum’s Latest Craft” by Paul Richard

August 10, 1978
Dallas Morning News, “Art - If You Can Find It”, by Janet Kutner

January 30, 1977
The Hartford Courant, Sunday, “U of H to Show Plastics”

January, 1977
Hartford Times, “Plastics Show Versatility”, by Jolene Goldenthal

March 26, 1977
Artweek, pg. 16, “Fred Eversley Retrospective”, Laurie H. Glass

March 6, 1977
San Francisco Examiner, pg. 41, “Asian Treasures and Modern Sculpture”, by Alfred Frankenstein

May 17, 1977
San Francisco Chronicle, “Color, Optical Illusions in Eversley’s Sculptures” by Thomas Albright

January, 1977
Orange County Newport Life Magazine, pg. 45 “Eversley Exhibit Opens in Orange County”, by Pat Neisser

Daily Pilot, December 10, pg. Cl, “Reflective Sculptures in Newport” by Jackie Hyman

May 23, 1976
Los Angeles Times, Calendar, pg. 76-78, “Optical Magic Turns Us Inward as We Look Out”, by Henry J. Seldis,

January 9, 1976
The Washington Star, pg. C-3, “Polished Spheres Catch and Hurl Light” by Benjamin Forgery

April, 1972
America, Russia, Issue No. 186, pg. 54, “Black Art: The Mainstream and Beyond”

March 25, 1972
Artweek, “Multi-Media Black Art”, by Cecile N. McCann

March 12, 1972
Los Angeles Times, Calendar, “UC Campuses Show Modern Sculpture”, by Henry J. Seldis

December 2, 1971
San Francisco Chronicle, “A Concern for Abstract Form”, by Thomas Albright

April 7, 1971
New York Times, pg. 52., “Black Artists on View” by John Canaday

March 7, 1971
Kansas City Star, “Art in Mid-America”, by Donald Jones

February, 1971
Marzhaye Now, Vol. XV-2, Iran pg. 20, “Small Sculpture”

February, 1971
Artforum, “Sorting Out the Whitney Annual”, by Joseph Masheck

February, 1971
Art International, Vol. XV, “Review of Whitney Sculpture Annual”

January, 1971
Artforum, pg. 73, “Pace Review”

October, 1970
Art in America, Sept. Iss., “Black Art in America”

June 20, 1970
Chicago Today, pg. 111, “Art News”

June 8, 1970
New York Magazine, Art Critic, by John Gruen

June 8, 1970
Los Angeles Times, “Eversley Show in New York”, by Henry J. Seldis

May 31, 1970
Chicago Sun Times, “Art”, by Harold Haydon

May 31, 1970
Los Angeles Times,  “Art News - Eversley in New York”

April, 1970
Vogue Magazine, “Art”, by Barbara Rose

Al-Majal, Turkey, Issue No. 27, “Small Sculpture” by Constance Perkins